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  • Do you long to ride monorails to a classic old theater playing MGM musicals?
  • Do you wish you could drive a flying car to your steel cantelieverd office building?
  • Do you love Mid Century Modern and kitschy, ranch style homes?
  • Do you have buildings or neighborhoods in your town that need to be appreciated?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps you should start a Chapter of the Atomic Age Alliance in your community. We look forward to being able to share our preservation through creating additional AAA Chapters in the future.

    Please read over our Mission Statement under the "About" page. You will see that our mission includes creating more chapters in areas that need community advocacy on behalf of Atomic Age era landmarks.

    1) The first step is to become active in our message board.

    There you can meet other friends who love the same kinds of things of things you do. You will learn about other preservation issues going on in other towns and share your stories, too. You can use the message board to promote your preservation and education issues and find like-minded people in your community who share you vision of keeping our history alive and well.

    2) Once you start to build momentum there, the next step is to actually form a group of people (minimum of 3) of people focussed on your specific geographic area and eventually propose an official Chapter!

    3) We are currently working on our Chapter Constitution structure and will keep you apprised of our process as it is built. Then our Chapter Steering Committee will help you from there in the remaining organization.

    The benefits of becoming an official AAA Chapter may be many, including:
  • Solidarity with other preservationsists and like-minded groups from across the country.
  • Ability to send out news to our current mailing list - currently over 4000 emails from across the country.
  • Participation in the Annual General Meeting during the Mondo Lounge conference weekend.
  • An arsenal of proven tools and successful strategies for preservation in your community.
  • Turn-key out-of-the-box Chapter Constituion, ByLaws, and Meeting Prodcedural Guidelines.
  • Ability to fallunder the global Atomic Age Alliance 501c3 non-profit umbrella without additional filing.
  • Access to limited legal and activist advice.
  • Web Presence on a soon to be growing and changing website
  • Ability to sell merchandise and tickets to events through a central AAA web interface
  • Ability to be more then a hometown historical society and be a part of something that changes the global Modernism consciousness!
  • And so much more...

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